Keyworker Travel Discounts

At Secret Flight Club, we have many family members & friends who are key workers and we wanted to say thank you.

We are keen to support Key workers across the board and offer big savings for people who have helped this country during the pandemic.

This includes, Forces, NHS, Care, Teachers, Emergency Services & Charity workers.

To enable us to provide these additional discounts, we have teamed up with the following providers and you can simply sign up (if not already a member) and join at heavily reduced rates.

We are committed to helping key workers to travel for less and enjoy a well deserved holiday, trip to see a loved one, or weekend break however we can.

These partners offer keyworker savings so please visit them.

If you are a key worker and are not represented above, please email from your keyworker work email (this is important for proof of eligibility) and if eligible we will send you a code for a discounted membership no problem!

We appreciate the work of all our keyworkers and hope we can get you away soon for some well deserved rest and recuperation.

Best Wishes

Chris & the Secret Flight Club team